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Hola !!

This is the personal Page of CT Shankar (Shank), I grabbed this domain because I thought it would make more sense to have me on this page rather than having it snapped by some random Shank and play around, while I watch it helplessly.... Lol ! Also, isn't it a cool way to mail someone with my own domain name.

A little Story

Who hates stories? So let me start one with mine today. My first Dollar online in 2008 got me more happiness than my $4500 sale two years later because making your first $ gets you more confidence than anything else, it stretches your level of imagination and confidence. But it isn't an easy thing. It's the result of unquantifiable hours of hard work and selfless dedication to passion. My journey started by creating a small survey website that sells $18.97 value subscriptions, that generated enough profits and learnings for me to set up my next business online, we are now 45+ team size and 2 offices in India and 4 sales centres globally.

I believe that the key to any business success is identifying the market need, Innovate a solution and then reach out to the target audience with the right message and medium. I also believe in losing because you can't enjoy your success if you haven't lost at least once.

Fast forward 13+ years and here I am, a digital marketing consultant who believes in marketing to minds rather than to people. My passion for marketing and product innovation has helped me view business from the customer lens.

What I Do

I am someone that wears multiple hats based upon the need. A Digital marketing consultant for Indian clients during the day, Trainer by evening and consultant by night again for my Western clients, sometimes a Guest Speaker & always a hungry learner. My passion is around Online Marketing and Social Media innovation, I spend a lot of my time researching new tools and techniques to leverage the internet platform for my clients' businesses. Since 2004 I have been fortunate to be a part of more than 700+ Startups and Small Businesses worldwide, engaging with them in everything right from idea inception to Lead Generation.

My Ventures

Apart from MTM Group (The Corporate) I have Co-Founded a Local consulting & Training startup to help small businesses locally leverage Digital Marketing to improve their business efficiency.

Digital Marketing Consulting (DMC.Digital) | Digital Marketing Training (DMS)

Apart from Work

I love just about anything around technology and gadgets. I'm obsessive about reading marketing stuff and books related to human buying behaviour. Nothing is more fun for me than escaping to the mountains on short hikes.

A long ride is certainly what I enjoy anytime. I consider myself a bit of a foodie but I guess who doesn't right? I love discovering new restaurants and grab a bite before anyone else does. Also cooking food for me is an impossible task so I enjoy this way.

Keep In Touch

If you're having a tough time setting up your Business Online or need help developing a Digital Marketing Strategy for your business then please feel free to contact me at