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Marketing Consulting | Smart Tools

Digital Marketing Consulting - $50 Only

I step out of my regular business operations 3 hours every day and consult two Startups for their Digital marketing needs. I'll be analyzing the website, market segment and competition using various smart tools. A user friendly road map with Step-by-Step instructions along with recommended smart tools will be documented and submitted so that it can be applied back to the business instantly.

You'll discover how to make the most of Digital Marketing to grow your business visibility, customer engagement and extend your reach over various Digital Marketing Channels. This report also offers step-by-step guidance to use smart tools and strategy in tandem for accelerated results. Start managing your campaign by self or hand it over to your Online Marketing guy.

Start here if are interesting in taking this advantage...
Whats your Goal Traffic, Exposure, Brand presence, Viral marketing, Balance
Who is your ideal Customer Ex: Well-educated woman from US in her late 40s to 50s who is interested in improving her health and personal development.
Links of Existing Social media profiles,,
Upto 5 Competitor Sites:,,
Target keywords: List top 5 target keywords your customers are searching for to reach your business.